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What is cold-pressed oil? What is refined oil?

Basically, the oil have two ways to be produced. One is physical pressing method, one is using the chemical leaching method.The chemical leaching method utilizes various chemical refining processes and is refined at a high temperature. The advantage is that the oil yield is high. But the high temperatures in it destroy nutrients and may leave chemicals that are harmful to humans. Although the physical pressing method has a low oil yield, the physical method does not leave harmful chemicals and maintains most of the nutrients.

Why is the coconut oil a transparent liquid for a while and be a white solid for a while?

Pure cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil will freeze under Celsius 23 degree, it is a normal physical phenomenon. It will not affect the nutrition of the coconut oil.

Do i need to keep the coconut oil in the fridge?

No. It is not necessary. Just place the oil in a cool and dry environment is fine.

What is the difference between your SPA collection coconut oil and F&B collection coconut oil?

The content of these two collection are the same. The SPA collection is a trgger bottle design, and it is not recommended for consumption and the F&B collection oil can also be used as a refill.

Can Chia seeds really help to lose weight?

Chia seeds are rich in dietary fiber, which helps to improve satiety and laxativeness, maintain intestinal health and regulate body weight. However, there is no research to prove that Chia seeds have direct help for weight loss.

What is the difference between our salba chia and the chia seed sold in other shop?

Salba Chia are matured seeds, proven to be the most Omega-3 rich species. Clinically used by Faculty of Medicine of University of Toronto to help with diabetes to loss weight.